Kenya - Gachiru Estate
Kenya - Gachiru Estate

Kenya - Gachiru Estate

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Gakuru Ngobia and his family tend to a small farm only 8-acres. We purchased their whole crop in 2019. 

Located on the South/West slopes of Mt. Kenya, this represents some of our finest selection of coffees you will see from us this year. Our brokers recently visited them taking samples of their coffee roasted by us, tons of colouring pencils for the children of the community and we made a $3/kg donation to the family.

Roasted for filter, not espresso (sometimes in store for Espresso though).
In the cup, we find delicate floral aromas, rich textures of sherbert, strawberry jam, muscatel and cocoa contribute to incredibly complex delicious coffee to savour.

Acidity 4/5
Sweetness 4/5
Body 3/5