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Organic Gardeners Pod 10 Pack

500 g

One of our top selling blends, now in a pod!

At Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters more than 60% of all our beans have had no chemical or non-organic inputs. Sadly the cost of certifying coffee crops is a challenge and price prohibitive or simply not available in many cases for small scale coffee farms.

For people who have a passion for certified organic products in their life, we have a blend that meets your need. In this blend you will find coffees predominantly shade-grown amongst other native or food crops, which contribute to the overall health of the soil and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem for people and native animals.

The three coffees in this blend were fermented after harvest which results in big flavour and big body.

With a distinct chocolate liqueur, it makes for a full espresso. Look for hints of praline and darker chocolate characteristics. Also great with your choice of milk.