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Sitio Coqueiral - Brazil


The mountains of Espirito Santo are one of the coffee producing regions of Brazil where we find a completely different landscape than in other regions of Brazil known for specialty coffee.

Edilio owns Coqueiral farm, located on the beautiful Mountains of Espirito Santo. He is the third generation of coffee growers and together with his two siblings and parents Lourival and Nilceia, they run their family farm. Edilio still remembers how rough and difficult those early days were but they have persisted to produce a well sort after cherry.

Grower: Edilio Soares
Region: The Mountains of Espirito Santo. - Coqueiral Farm
Process: Pulped Natural
Varietal: Red Catuai
Altitude: 800 - 1000 m.a.s.l

Profile: Intense sweetness, Caramel and subtle Peach, Good body with a smooth finalisation

Roasters Notes: Manually brewed it's suitable for stovetop, Aeropress, Delta Press, Filter

About the Farm

At Edilio’s farm they take advantages of each of the varietals they grow, spreading throughout the year their harvest period, diminishing eventual climate changes impact as well as breaking up their income period.
"The harvest starts in June and goes until end-November when we still have coffee maturing“ says with excitement and joy Lourival (Edilio’s dad), who’s got all knowledge and history of the plots in the farm.

The region is characterized by small properties of mountain land at 800 - 1000 meters above sea level or higher. Producers, all very modest, work their farms by using the family’s own manual labor. Given the region’s high humidity, coffee in Espírito Santo must be de-pulped to yield higher quality. This requires an adequate drying time; some producers with careful drying practices are also achieving Natural processed lots with a good cup.

What is most notable about the region are its producers, humble people, but the majority of whom dedicate themselves to producing quality coffees. It is very laborious, but their love for specialty coffee is indescribable; even if the work lasts three months and yields twenty bags of coffee, they will do it! This commitment is the reason that this region holds the promising future of specialty coffee in Brazil. Espírito Santo is worth the bet and the investment to support producers who are always improving. 

We love working with these small family producers.