Rainworth General

Every business has their back story and and vision to make their mark in the community. Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters is no exception with our history dating back to our flagship store that is set in a 1950s General store.
Once the 'Rainworth' stop on Brisbane's now de-commissioned tram lines, Rainworth General boasts a museum like quality with it's preserved internal heritage.​
Owners Steph and Alex Ridgway have long wanted a business that draws the community together through bring people closer to their food source. Whether it be the lavish vegetable garden in the backyard or the huge selection of roasted beans available to take home, the owners aim to create an experience that is more than a quick coffee catchup. 
Part of our efforts to be a more sustainable business includes our inclusion of a closed loop waste system, which we encourage people to do at home.
Our composting system which allows us to use our food and paper scraps for feeding the garden.
Our new partnerships with companies like BioPak extends the possibility for us to further our recycling
efforts which converts our takeaway coffee cups into A4.