Aged Rum Barrel Project
Aged Rum Barrel Project
Aged Rum Barrel Project

Aged Rum Barrel Project

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This coffee arrives direct from Colombia, custom barrelled after we place the order, so we don't see it for 4 months after placing an order.

What's apparent about this coffee is the sugar cane sweetness of Rum, there are big notes of Chocolate and Raisin also and surprisingly clean.

Roasters Notes:

Cold Brew - It's such a great coffee to start with, so it has great clarity black and takes on some winey characters which is nuts, on the spectrum like a Pinot Noir.

With a dash of milk (up to 50%) or some double cream, we arrive at Big Lebowski White Russian or a Baileys and Milk hybrid.

It's a 12.5-minute roast so the body is light so we are brewing at a 1(coffee) :10 (water) ratio for 24hrs then straining at gravity in a tody bag for 15 minutes, don't squeeze.

Espresso - I'm a rum drinker you can post blend this with your favourite home beans so you get a little preview of the sugar cane in your Flate White. The tighter you run the shot the more Rum you get out it.

At 100% as an espresso it's screaming for milk but worth the sensation all the same.

About the Farm

Migel (pictured) and his family started their business in 1966 located in Colombia,  Chinchiná,

The landscape of their farms “La Floresta” and “El Borde” being part of the Cultural Landscape Cafetero recognized as a Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2011 and influenced by the volcanic ashes of the Volcano “Nevado del Ruiz”.

The farm has an exclusive dedication to the cultivation of coffee, with an altitude between 1,350 and 1,470 m.a.s.l; Optimal for the technological development of the crop. Temperature consistently ranges between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius, with an approximate area of 222 acres, cultivated with varieties resistant to ¨la roya¨ (leaf rust). Its agronomic cycles show the production of 25% in the first half of the year and 75% in the second half of the year.

Our culture and coffee production has achieved the international quality certifications and good practices of production from UTZ Khape, FLO-Cert and 4C, besides being able to support the permanent traceability of our product. Our organization has a great wealth of water, irrigation and diversity of ¨Flora and Fauna¨ that show the great commitment of its owners for the conservation of natural resources.

The family business “Finca San José” is advancing on its third generation working tirelessly on the conservation of Colombian coffee and maintain the coffee tradition of the area as a pillar of social development of a community that has managed to position the highest quality of Colombian coffee in the world.

Guillermo's family is a family of innovative people, with the intention of revolutionizing markets with innovative products. The coffee they produce is aged in barrels of rum, giving them qualities and specific conditions so that two flavours of world renown, such as coffee and Colombian rum, are mixed to perfection.