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La Bastilla Estate - Yeast fermented (Filter)


La Bastilla farm was established in 2003 from 2 abandoned estates in the Jinotega region.  This particular coffee was processed using a Yeast Fermentation method. Using specialty yeasts for fermentation in a controlled environment (bins) it gives the coffee and additional layer of tropical fruit and floral aromas. These special washed lots have tropical-fruit-like (pineapple) tastes. That's why it's called "Pineapple Candy."

Growers: La Bastilla Estate
Region: Jinotega/Matagalpa
Process: Yeast fermentation
Varietal: Hybrid H3 and Caturra
Altitude: 1100-1450 m.a.s.l

Profile: Crisp tropical acidity with soft notes of nectarine, honey and malt. Smooth body carries milk chocolate and hazelnut to the finish.

Roasters Notes: Manually brewed it's suitable for stovetop, Aeropress, Delta Press, Filter

About the Farm

 Over 16 years the La Bastilla farms were replanted with new diverse range of varietals, and infrastructure was renewed including roads, living quarters, mill and processing plant. Certified Rainforest Alliance provides environmental policies, as well as groundwork to establish a unique education project giving opportunities to adolescents in the area.

La Bastilla Estate prides itself on being one of the only coffee estates in Nicaragua with a fully integrated supply chain segment at origin, meaning they plant, produce, harvest, process, classify & export all of their green beans globally.

Each season La Bastilla produces approximately 350 microlots and uses 4 different processes to produce different results with their beans, Fully washed, Honey Processed, Yeast fermentation & Natural Processed.