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Cocaka Coop - Rwanda Rwinyoni Isimbi (Filter)


The Isimbi is grown in the Gatsibo District in the North East of Rwanda, a region which has shown great improvement in the production of quality coffee.  Located above 1500 masl, the washing station was newly built in 2016.  Currently of 1200 small holder producers bring their cherry to the washing station.  Each farm utilises about 0.2 hectares of land for their production.

Growers: Isimbi
Region: Gatsibo District
Process: Fully Washed
Varietal: Arabica Bourbon
Altitude: 1500-1800 m.a.s.l

Profile: Heavy rich textured cup that carries notes of floral mandarin and chocolate. Crisp strawberry like acidity lingers through a sweet chocolate and hazelnut finish.

Roasters Notes: Manually brewed it's suitable for stovetop, Aeropress, Delta Press, Filter

About the Farm

Hand harvested cherries are sorted at their arrival to the station in two methods: hand-picking and floating. They are then pulped and the beans are stored in fermentation tanks covered with sheeting for 8 hours.  Following this step, the coffee is washed to remove all the mucilage, and eventually dried on raised drying beds.

In 2018, COCAKA co-op (Cooperative of Coffee farmers in Kageyo sector) was created for farmers situated near the washing station.  The co-op facilitates the communication, training and mutual support amongst growers.