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How To Store Coffee at Home.

Lots of people ask us the best way to store coffee at home.  There was a time when everyone was keeping it in the freezer, we now no much better, thank goodness! 

Like anything you are trying to keep freshness and flavour in, oxygen and UV light and humidity are the enemy.  At the very best, you should buy your beans whole instead of ground if you can and seal it in an airtight dark place. If you are serious about your coffee then you might invest in an Airscape.


Airscape® is your go-to airless coffee storage system. Our new favourite way to store beans. These better-than-airtight storage containers force oxygen out of the canister, rather than trapping it in, using innovative inner lid technology which pushes air out rather than trapping it in. Airscape® is reusable & refillable, and is ideal for storing more than just coffee - tea, spices, pet treats & more will stay fresh today, fresh tomorrow with Airscape®.

Airscapes are available online or in the Albion roastery.

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