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Golden Ticket


Twice medal winner at the Australian Roasting Championships for coffee in the milk category, we find this to be our most popular wholesale bean. This blend highlights the spectrum of dark to milk chocolate, fruit & nut bar, jaffa with hints of blueberry.

The quality beans used in this blend makes it most suitable for milk, however, but when brewed black it achieves berry sweetness as it cools. 
If you are looking for a flexible, crowd-pleasing coffee this is the ticket for you. The blend was created originally for Stovetop enthusiasts. It is also suitable for Aeropress, Delta and Plunger.

India, Mysore Gold Nuggets Chandragiri Hills
Catimor - Washed
Ethiopia Sidamo Grade 3
Heirloom - Natural Process
Guatemala, Jalpa, Fraijanes Plateau New Oriente Region 
Bourbon & Catuai - Washed
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Grade 2
Heirloom - Washed
Body 4/5
Sweetness 3/5
Acidity 1/5