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Basal Travel Coffee Bag with Scales

1.0 kg
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For the ultimate coffee lover, the Basal travel coffee bag and scales.

This zip up bag comes with 3 sections and a set of scales. You then add whichever is your favourite coffee making accessories. (Not included.)

For example it fits a travel go aeropress and mug with the scales, or a V60 and your bag of single origin beans. The options are endless.  Feel free to pop into the Albion roastery if you would like to have a play.

  • This is the perfect carry case & travel case for your coffee brewing equipment
  • Designed in Paris, France & thoroughly tested
  • Version 2.0 - enjoy a lightweight, rigid spine that provides enhanced protection & structure
  • Carefully crafted from waxed canvas and lined with ballistic nylon
  • Fully padded for protection
  • Suitable for AeroPress, Hario v60, Kalita Wave, Pour Over and other brewing apparatus
  • Comes with scales


The Pequeño Digital Scale is an extremely convenient way to increase the quality of your coffee. Weigh your beans for each cup and accurately measure the water you add as you brew your coffee to ensure the exact yield you want. This will help you make delicious coffee, cup after cup. 

Precise to 0.1 gram and weights up to a maximum of 2000grams which means it's not just excellent for brewing AeroPress but it's also handy with 2 cup v60's and other forms of filter coffee.