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Airscape Coffee Storage Canister Medium Ceramic

1.0 kg
Size: Grey Ceramic 500gm

We have run out of stock for this item.


With the attractive Airscape Ceramic - Slate (Dark Grey) storage container, you can keep your perishable products fresher for longer, enabling you to get the advantages of outstanding freshness straight out of the container. In Australia, it is necessary to transport goods in airtight containers. Airscape canisters are not only airtight, but they also go above and above in terms of functionality.

Its one-of-a-kind lid design completely removes and shuts out air from the container, guaranteeing that your food storage is secure. Pushing down on the inner lid of the Airscape lid forces air out of the container via an air valve, which is activated by the pressure of the inner lid being pressed down. After that, the valve may be closed to keep the air out and the freshness in the room.

The Airscape features a durable ceramic body that can withstand heavy use while also resisting stains and odours. The Airscape is available in two sizes. The bamboo cover with silicone seal provides an additional layer of protection while also harmonising with the ceramic body, providing an unmatched natural appearance. 


We strongly recommend one of these for keeping your favourite Neighbourhood Coffee at home!