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Coffee Syphon by Hario & Elegance Micro Burner (Rekrow)

2.0 kg
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The Coffee Syphon by Hario is for the science lab geek in you!

The Coffee Syphon Technica is aptly named because it utilises precise scientific technology to produce sensational aroma and fragrances.  Also known as the vac-pot, the syphon brewing method allows you to be in total control of the temperature and brewing time. 

Syphons produce a rich and crisp brew considered to be unmatched by many coffee professionals, due to the creation of a vacuum during the brewing process. When created by the included alcohol burner, this vacuum forces the water in the bottom chamber to rise to the top chamber, where the coffee grounds are located, to initiate the brewing.

Once mastered, the syphon brewing method is extremely rewarding and fun to watch.

Loved by industry experts and home brewers alike have realised how delicious this brewing method is and cool to watch too.

*Although the Syphon comes with a burner, we have bundled it with a Elegance Micro burner as we feel it is a superior product - the price is for both products together *