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Kanso Hiku Compact Hand Coffee Grinder

500 g
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Discover the power of high-end grinding with the simple and stunning Kanso Hiku Hand Coffee Grinder. Featuring an industry-first seven fluted burr, a stabilized shaft and handle, and modern sleek design, the Hiku is the manual grinder of dreams.

Kanso’s brand new seven fluted burr is the key to the grinder’s success. The 41mm conical burrs have 75% more grinding teeth, 70% more grinding surface area, and up to 300% more ground output per revolution. The burrs are available in regular stainless steel or with a titanium nitride coat.

The burr shaft is carefully engineered to eliminate wobble, thanks to steel ball bearings and the use of wave springs—a never-before-seen feature of hand grinders. These wave springs keep the burrs and handle perfectly aligned and don’t bend sideways over time.

An infinite number of grind settings are available with the stepless grind adjuster ring, and the easy setting markings ensure you can easily find that perfect grind size again when needed.

Reimagined from the ground up, the grinder is constructed with CNC machined aluminum, stainless steel, and features a smooth walnut knob at the end of the handle. The thin camera lens design is just the cherry on top of this high-end, precision-focused grinder.

Kanso Hiku Hand Coffee Grinder Features

NEW Seven Fluted Burrs — 41mm conical burrs have 75% more grinding teeth, 70% more grinding surface area, and up to 300% more output per revolution.

Steel or Titanium Burrs — Comes in two burr options to fit your style and needs.

Burr Shaft Stabilization — Ensures your burrs are perfectly aligned for uniform grounds that match your expectations for a high-end device.

Stepless Grind Settings — Infinite settings that offer complete control over your grind setting with easy-to-understand markings.

Wave Spring Handle — A first-time use for grinders, offering unmatched alignment and consistency.

Camera Lens Design — It looks as good as it grinds.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Kanso Hiku Hand Coffee Grinder

The Specifics

Materials Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Walnut
Burrs 41mm Seven Fluted Conical
Hopper Capacity 50g
Ground Capacity 100g
Dimensions W167 x D95 x H195mm