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Organic Gardeners


At Neighbourhood Coffee Roasters more than 60% of all our beans have had no chemical or non-organic inputs. Sadly the cost of certifying coffee crops is a challenge and price prohibitive or simply not available in many cases for small scale coffee farms.

For people who have a passion for certified organic products in their life, we have a blend that meets your need. In this blend you will find coffees predominantly shade-grown amongst other native or food crops, which contribute to the overall health of the soil and contribute to a sustainable ecosystem for people and native animals.

The three coffees in this blend were fermented after harvest which results in big flavour and big body.

With a distinct chocolate liqueur, it makes for a full espresso. Look for hints of praline and darker chocolate characteristics. It is suited for Espresso (with milk or black), Aeropress, Plunger and Stovetop.

Honduras, San Marcos, Ocotepeque Mt Meredon
Catuai & Bourbon - Washed
Mexico, Chiapas UNECAFE Cooperative 40% female farmers
Typica, Criollo, Mundo Nova, Caturra, Bourbon - Washed
Colombia, Planadas, Tolima Region Cooperative (81 families) Asociacion de Productores Ecologicos de Planadas 
Caturra, Castillo, Typica - Washed & Sundried.

Body 4/5
Sweetness 3/5
Acidity 2/5