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Store Keepers Blend


This pioneer blend aimed to equally highlight aroma, sweetness and body. Over the last 12 years the coffee and vintages have changed however the style still remains. The name SKB was chosen as Neighbourhood Coffee started at the Rainworth General Store in Bardon and it seemed fitting to give the house blend a name to honour the past 100 years of its local history.

This coffee is a great ALLROUNDER. It works well with milk, creating a strong flat white and a structurally balanced long black. It is suited for Espresso, Aeropress, Delta, Plunger. Using a Stovetop will produce a rich cup with noticeable balance and clarity.

Guatemala, Jalpa, Fraijanes Plateau New Oriente Region Bourbon & Catuai - Washed
Brazil, Mogiana Screen 17/18
Catuai - Natural
Papua New Guinea, Goroka Eastern Highlands Okapa A grade - 
Bourbon & Typica Hybrid - Washed

Body 3/5
Sweetness 3/5
Acidity 2/5