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Coffee growing regions of Honduras

Here at Neighbourhood Coffee where we source our beans come from matters. Here is the story about the origin of our beans from Honduras and how we blend our Organic Gardener's Coffee.

Honduras is known for producing high-quality coffee, particularly in the regions of Marcala, Comayagua, and Copán. Marcala, located in the western part of the country, is known for its mild and balanced coffees. Comayagua, located in the center of Honduras, produces coffees with a medium body and acidity. Copán, located in the western part of the country, is known for its unique and complex flavors. Other regions of Honduras that produce coffee include Santa Barbara, Olancho and La Paz.  

Honduras Coffee Growing regions

San Marcos is a coffee-growing region located in western Honduras. It is known for producing high-quality Arabica beans that have a bright acidity, medium body, and a sweet, fruity flavor. The region has a favorable climate for coffee cultivation with high altitude, rich volcanic soil, and consistent rainfall. The coffee from San Marcos is considered to be among the best in Honduras and is exported to various countries worldwide. Many smallholder farmers, who are members of cooperatives, grow coffee in the region. The region also has a strong tradition of organic and sustainable farming practices.

San Marcos coffee from Honduras

Liquidambar is a wholly organic specialty coffee farm we buy. It makes up 80% of our Organic Gardeners Blend. Owner Demly Regalado works hard to generate their own compost with the help of the Californian Red Worm, which acts as a pest control and strengthens the plant’s resilience against pests and disease. Using their own compost prevents pollution of the farm’s waterways, and improves the quality of the soil and the quality and nutritional content of the coffee.

Delmy was president of IWCA Honduras for 5 years, running projects and training programs to support the financial independence of women in Honduran coffee-growing communities. For five years, Delmy was the president of The Honduras Chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA) and is still heavily involved in the association. The IWCA is dedicated to strengthening the role of women in coffee production, processing and trading.

International Women's Coffee Association

A key project has been training over 200 women in skills required in a range of coffee farming & business-related roles. These workshops have included barista courses, cupping, marketing, MS excel, farm certifications, project proposal methods, governance and financial literacy.After its initial success, the chapter gained further support to develop on-farm training such as climate change adaptation, income diversification, temporary shade and distance cultivation.

We hope you try our Organic Gardener's blend and experience these delicious cherries!

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