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Renovation is nearly complete!

Hi Neighbours,

Just a quick update blog post for you about the renovations at Albion after the flood.  A lot of you have been in and seen that we have taken over the giant shed next door, knocked a archway through the wall and have extended.  We actually started this a couple of week before the Feb floods.

Fast forward and the new big roaster has arrived, not quite plumbed in yet but getting there, and we have built a loft for storage that will have a new kitchen in it.  Food will be back in a couple of weeks fingers crossed!  There is more seating and a much bigger retail room.

For those who haven't made it back to us yet, you won't recognise the space. Here are a couple of updated photos.  We are looking forward to getting back to normal and serving you some delicious food with your coffee. 

Thanks for your patience everyone...


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