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Let's talk roasters!

Locked inside the seed of every coffee cherry is the potential for flavour. We strive to unlock that flavour so that it reaches the customer every time. We pride ourselves on sourcing, roasting, brewing and experimenting with only the highest quality specialty Arabica coffee from all over the world.
We use a state-of-the-art 15kg Proaster with a PCB (Process Control Block) interface that can manipulate every part of the roasting process. This allows us to reach the ideal flavour time after time.
Our roast consistency is managed over various aspects in the roast process:

A fully modulating burner and fan that is precise to 1% increments.
Recallable roast profiles with automatic gas control.
Detailed RoR (Rate of Rise) graphing that monitors multiple thermocouples to give us absolute and precise adjustments due to environmental variations.
Development time and percentage tracking allowing us to reach the coffees sweet spot without guess-work.
Cupping and comparing profiles is a weekly job to ensure consistency from roast to roast.

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