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Cherry Bomb


Cherry Bomb - Bronze Medal AUS Roasting Championships 2018
We’re not shy to admit that we have a love affair with the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia. The Cherry Bomb blend brings together a balance of both fermented and natural processed Ethiopian coffee fruit.

This is a light roasted coffee merging honey and milk chocolate characteristics achieved by the Brazillian coffee.  Ethiopian influence brings the unique flavours of strawberry and fruit salad to the pot resulting in an incredible cup of coffee. When brewed hot we recommend letting it cool down to enjoy the developing flavour spectrum.
Suitable for Filter coffee it makes for a killer cooler brew. Try as an espresso with one ice cube, or cold brewed. Also great using Aeropress, Delta, Espresso however our only comment is that as a milk-based coffee you will experience lightness which may be suitable for those seeking milder brew.

Brazil, Fazenda Bom Jesus Alta Mogiana Sao Paulo
Bourbon & Mundo Novo - Natural Process
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Konga Cooperative (Masrshu Mill) Grade 1 2017
Heirloom - Washed Process
Ethiopia - Sidamo Grade 3
Heirloom - Natural

Body 2/5
Sweetness 4/5
Acidity 4/5