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Smooth Operator

This coffee is a textural delight. If you love creme brulee, butterscotch or soft caramels this blend will play your tune. Smooth, creamy, and floral this coffee has fantastic balance. With its low acidity, the richness and viscosity are matched by its sweetness. When brewed correctly finishing notes of fruit emerge yielding a full mouthfeel experience.

This is a great coffee to brew at home especially when using Espresso, Aeropress and Cold-Brew.


Ethiopia - Sidamo Grade 3 Heirloom - Natural India Chikmagalur AA - Dry Processed and Monsooning (3-month store)
Brazil, Fazenda Bom Jesus Alta Mogiana Sao Paulo Bourbon & Mundo Novo - Natural Process
Guatemala, Jalpa, Fraijanes Plateau New Oriente Region  Bourbon & Catuai - Washed (aka fermented)


Body 3/5

Sweetness 2/5

Acidity 1/5